JANClient (Java Astrometry.Net Client) - last update - 09.01.2016.

JANClient is a java client to call the astrometry.net web service.




Dear JANClient user!

JANClient is a java client to call the astrometry.net web service.
The souces are included.
The JANClient JAR is executable, so that you can use it immediately, e.g., try please

java -Djava.library.path="./lib" -jar JANClient.jar test_jpg.jpg

The test_jpg.jpg is the simple DSLR Canon Photo from Algol.

Installation and "Get it Started" step by step:
1 You have Java 7 or more
2 Decompress (unzip) JANClient.zip in the selected directory
3 Go to in the sub-directory JANClient
4 Change the apikey in config.properties ( You must have it from astrometry.net after your free registration)
5 Set your goal directory: out = ./download, if You need. In default case the result will be saved to current directory.
6 Set "true" to parameter ascom , if You want the synchanization to ascom platform (only windows)
with coordinates of picture from astrometry.net. This feature was NOT tested full. Please
send me Your experience, if You have.
7 And get started with either test file (test_jpg.jpg)

java -Djava.library.path="./lib" -jar JANClient.jar test_jpg.jpg

or with your file:

java -Djava.library.path="./lib" -jar JANClient.jar your_file_name.your_file_type

where: your_file_name is Your image name from this current directory (JANClient)
your_file_type is Your image type

or with more files in the tar-file:

You can use the images in the tar form:

java -Djava.library.path="./lib" -jar JANClient.jar your_tar_file_name.tar

About config.properties:
apikey = ****** - the astromentry.net registration key
waitingTime = 10000 - if the connection falls, the JANclient pauses this time (millisec)
howManyTimes = 10 - How much time it will try to connect
debug = false - if You will print the internal information in JANClient
out = ./download - the parameter to set the output directory
ascom = false - NOT tested ! : synchnisation with ascom (only wondows)
nofits = false; - if you need only clibration files, you can set it on the true

The output files:
your_file_name.ANNOTATED_FULL.jpg - with view of all identified objects
your_file_name.AXY.fits - fits file with objects pixel positions
your_file_name.RDLS.fits -fits with objects RA,DEC coordinates
your_file_name.WCS.fits - integrated FITS file ( show please with fv )
in the file You will find the matrix x(pix),y(pix) to x(RA),y(RA)
to get the transformation in java You can use fits.jar from NASA
your_file_name.csv - the file with callibration data for the image
your_file_name.NEW-IMAGE.fits - the image with the callibration data(aladin file)
your_file_name.annotations.csv - the list of objects in this line format:
x(pix),y(pix),radius(pix), names, type (ic, bright and so ...)

the log file - JANClient.log will be written in the log directory ( version > 942 )
Dr.Valentin Steinhauer
if You have the message "Unexpected character (<) at position 0", it means, the server had answered, but
the image was not processed the first astrometry.net step. You need simple to wait or to repeat the start.
We had the problem with login. It was not correct or changed the content-type to "application / x-www-form-urlencoded".see codes